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One to three family private row houses with backyards, co-operatives and rental apartment buildings mixed together and arranged around common gardens is Sunnyside. With a smaller footprint to its neighbors, Sunnyside was a test case for developing affordable housing for the working class. This inclusive neighborhood with tree lined streets and open spaces shares equally abundant shopping and cultural experiences. A unique highlight is the accessibility to one of two private parks in NYC. The close proximity to Manhattan and other points East makes for a desirable place to settle.

Who Is this Neighborhood For

The accessibility to Manhattan appeals to urban professionals as well as families with young children who desire retreating to a place reminiscent of a secret garden. You appreciate living alongside local born residents and out of state transplants who come from diverse economic backgrounds. You value the option of enjoying a leisurely walk, conveniently accessing a retail district offering shopping at all price points; and meeting friends at one of the many eclectic dining options.

Things To Do

  • Eclectic Dining
  • Shopping
  • Leisurely Walks
  • Park Life
  • Cultural Event Space

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